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Drak Pack Season 1 Episode 11

Dr. Dred creates a Time Stopper, which he tests out on an ocean liner. Mummy Man and Fly rob the passingers. They must finish quickly, because the ray effects only last for five minutes. When the ray wears off, the passingers find that they have been robbed. Meanwhile, Drak, Frankie and Howler are on a sking vaction, when Dred sends them a message on a vending machine. At another “secret meeting”, Dred tells Drak that he plans to use the Time Stopper to commit crimes all over the world. Then, Dred locks him in a crate and attempts to kidnap him. Frankie and Howler chased them around, trying to get Drak back. After “Drak Wacking” in an elevator, the boys hold down the Dredgible, spoiling the shot. Back to normal, the boys give chase, only to be zapped by the Time Stopper. The plane is robbed, then the boys are placed outside the Drakster. The boys begin falling. They do a mid-air “Drak Wack”, and used Drak’s cape as a parachute, then as a sail (Frankie was the raft.). Back at Drak Pack Headquarters, Dred tells them his plans. Drak figures out that Dred is going to rob the Mint. The boys are trapped in a vault soon after arriving. Dred then steals the whole Mint. When the boys escape, they gain control of the Time Stopper, which Drak changes to make time go backwards. Later, Big D gets zapped, and the Time Stopper speeds up time.

Serie: Drak Pack

Episode Title: Dr. Dred Is A Shrinker

Air Date: 1980-10-18